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Reasons for roof insurance claims being denied

Oct 14

Reasons for roof insurance claims being denied


There are many factors that could lead to roof insurance claims being denied.

Your claim might be denied if you exceed certain coverage limits like hail and wind damage.

Not meeting your deductible:

Know what you are covered for and what percentage of the total amount. Understanding the law surrounding property insurance is complex and you should seek legal advice.

Insufficient coverage:

You may not get an outright denial if you file a claim for damage exceeding your coverage limit. The amount you receive will be restricted by this number, and in most cases won't exceed $50,000.

This input is simple and does not give any context as to what it means when we use insurance policy limits or carriers. However, using these terms frequently in other areas of our lives, such as banking policies, could add interest. Knowing how they work can help people be more aware than waiting until something happens, which can lead to financial loss.

Non-Covered Issues:

Home insurance can be broken down into policies that only cover certain "named hazards" (i.e. things like hail, wind, and fire).

Your roof may be too old.

Roof insurance claims can be denied if a roof is older than 15 years. A licensed contractor will inspect your roof to determine if you have a valid claim, regardless of how old it has been.

Someone else is liable:

Homeowners' insurance doesn't cover damages due to intentional or negligent acts by service professionals.

What to do if a claim is denied or underpaid?


What to do if your homeowner's insurance claim is denied or underpaid?

If your homeowners' insurance claim is being rejected by an insurer or adjuster, you should make sure to have all documentation. A person who represents customers against insurers will be able to give you more information than we can online.

Contact an Attorney:

An attorney for insurance claims is cheaper than a public claims adjuster, and they have the legal experience to fight against them. If they have any information or advice that could help, it might be easier for you to take a look at your policy, denial letters, and claim details.

A lawyer for insurance claims is your best bet to win an unfair denial. Attorneys are happy to review any policy details and find errors in documents.

An attorney at a Sunshine State Law Firm will review your case carefully to ensure that it is clear and coherent before they begin to formulate a strategy. You could be able to get money back in your bank account by taking advantage of this service.

Gather Evidence:

An insurance company may try to claim roof damage was caused due to negligence or a preexisting defect. Give your attorney any supporting evidence.


You may have roof damage if you have homeowners insurance. An experienced attorney from the Sunshine State Law Firm will help you with every step of the way.