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Hail Storm Damage Tips

Nov 2

This is the season when we are most at risk for severe storms. They can cause hail and thunder, flooding, hail and floods. If you're a homeowner and has been affected by one of these horrible boys of summer Knowing how to manage the aftermath will help get your life back in order.

If a huge hail or wind storm strikes your neighborhood, it's not difficult to recognize that your home needs to be fixed. You may find your home damaged by hundreds of ice ball, missing or damaged shingles, scarred windows, cracked siding or downed gutters.

1 The first time after an event of a storm. Contact Information:

It's both frightening and awe-inspiring when a storm can cause such severe damage to your house. It's not a good moment to be in a panic or delaying. It is vital to immediately contact your insurance company or a contractor. Insurance firms and hail damage contractors generally work on a first-come , first-served basis. This is crucial in large areas.

2) Get your facts straight:

Photograph any hail on the ruler or measuring tape, and also another round object of equal dimensions, such as a ping pong ball.

  • Take note of the exact date of the storm and the time it arrived.
  • Photograph your house and the surrounding areas.
  • You should pay particular attention to any signs of damage such as dents in siding or damaged shingles.
  • Examine the roof, siding windows, gutters and doors for damage.
  • You should inspect all equipment for any damage.

3 Storm and Hail Damage Not Always Visible

Take note that storm and hail damage may go unnoticed a long time. An owner might find a leak from broken shingles after a few months. It is therefore crucial to hire a professional check your home.

4) Meet Face to Face:

Make arrangements for a face to in-person meeting with your contractor as well as your insurance adjuster you, and others. It's essential to hold this meeting face-to-face so that you and your contractor can communicate your concerns to the insurance adjuster.

5) Find multiple estimates and negotiate with Insurance Companies:

You do not have to accept the insurer's initial claim check even if it isn't in the full scope of repair. They will surely want you to accept the check without hesitation. To prepare yourself to negotiate, ALWAYS get multiple estimates.

If your insurance company tries to short your claim, you have the right to employ an independent adjuster and submit a written report of damage. If that doesn't work you may contact the insurance commissioner in your state, or an attorney.

6) Avoid Storm Chaser Contractors:

Find a local contractor that has a good reputation and a local address that has been around for at minimum two years. Storm chasers can offer great deals as they come to your area to work on multiple homes in a very short period of time. In the event of any kind of guarantee or accountability then they'll be gone.

7) Storm Damage Can Be Used to Make Home Improvements:

Although your insurance company may not provide coverage for changes but you could be able to utilize the damage caused by storms to create improvements. If you have to replace your roof completely and your home is in dire need of sunlight, installing a skylight or sky tunnel could be an excellent idea. You must also upgrade your insulation if you're paying high energy bills due to poor insulation.

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