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Everything You Need to Know About Visiting Prince Mohamed Ali Palace in Cairo

Jun 10

If you're visiting Cairo anytime soon, you won't want to miss the chance to explore the breathtaking Prince Mohamed Ali Palace. Located in the Al-Manial neighbourhood, this stunning palace is a testament to Egypt's rich history and architecture. There's so much to discover, from the intricate designs on the walls to the fascinating history behind its construction. In this blog post, we'll cover everything you need to know about visiting the Prince Mohamed Ali Palace, including its fascinating history, how to get there, and what you can expect to see inside. So, let's get started!



Prince Mohamed Ali Palace: Frequently Ignored Cairo Tourist Attraction

If you plan a trip to Cairo, you'll likely come across a long list of tourist attractions. Among them is the Prince Mohamed Ali Palace, which often goes unnoticed by many visitors. However, despite being ignored by some, this palace consistently receives high ratings and positive reviews from those who visit. While it may not be included in standard Cairo tour packages, you can request to have it added to your itinerary. It's worth taking the time to see this stunning landmark, which will provide you with a unique and fascinating insight into the lives of royalty in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. [1][2]



Palace Not Included in Current Cairo Tour Packages

Are you planning to visit Cairo soon? If so, add Prince Mohamed Ali Palace to your must-see list. Despite being a frequently ignored tourist attraction in Cairo, this palace has received consistently high reviews on numerous travel-related websites. While it is not currently included in most Cairo tour packages, it can easily be added to any of them upon request.

Some visitors may overlook Prince Mohamed Ali Palace because it may not be the best spot to view an unbelievably beautiful palace filled with historical items. To some extent, one could argue that the Manial Palace isn’t truly a palace at all, given how different it looks from the outside from most other royal palaces in Cairo and elsewhere. However, to understand how royalty lived in the 19th and early 20th centuries, Manial Palace and its museum are a must-see destination.

In addition to the historical significance of the palace and museum, the large gardens provide a delightful sense of tranquillity, making it a great destination if you’re looking for a break from Cairo’s hectic pace. The museum’s interior is filled with fascinating antiques, including numerous stained glass windows allowing you to take absolutely stunning photographs.

Let's delve deeper into the history of Prince Mohamed Ali Palace. The palace was erected by Mohammed Ali Tewfik, the late King Faroud’s uncle, and it took several years to finish from 1899 to 1929. King Farouk’s large art collection and apparel, silverware, and Objets D’Art collections were previously held at the palace. While many original pieces remain at the Manial Palace, some have been moved to other museums.

The Manial Palace Estate is recognized for its five separate structures, each with its distinct architecture and a lovely blend of Persian and English-planted gardens. A forested nature park and a hunting museum that once belonged to Egypt’s late King Farouk are featured on the grounds. Egypt’s Antiquities Council has maintained Manial Palace and the grounds on which it was built and declared it a historic house museum. The palace is a must-see landmark in the El-Manial district of southern Cairo in the Sharia Al-Saray area.

While there are almost unlimited tourist attractions in Cairo, Prince Mohamed Ali Palace should not be missed. For trip inquiries, please state your dates, the number of travellers and any special requests. Egypt United Tours Services, Ministry of License No. 80, is specialized in tailor-made and group trips to Egypt. The mission is to provide the best travel service at the lowest possible rate. So, make sure to request a visit to this cultural gem that reflects the luxury of the Egyptian royal family. [3][4]



Must-See Landmark for Visitors to Cairo

Are you planning a trip to Cairo soon? One landmark worth checking out is the Prince Mohamed Ali Palace. Here's everything you need to know before you go:

- The palace is an incredible piece of forgotten art. It's a cultural gem that reflects the luxury of the Egyptian royal family.

- The palace consists of 35 rooms, each with a unique ceiling. You'll see three buildings from the inside, complete with their original furniture and artwork on the walls and ceilings.

- You can get a guided tour for free, provided by the Ministry of Antiquities. The guides will tell you about the history of the rooms you're visiting. There are also plenty of informative hanging boards throughout the palace.

- We recommend setting aside at least two hours for your visit. The richness and beauty of the palace take time to appreciate fully.

- The entrance fee is only 5 pounds for Egyptian students!

- The owner of the palace, Mohamed Ali Pasha, was not only a prince but also an artist who painted most of the artwork in the palace. He designed each corner with love and passion.

- Read up on the owner before you go; it'll help you imagine his life in the palace. Understanding his preferences and artistic taste will enhance your visit.

- The best time to visit is after Friday prayer when it's less crowded. Busloads of tourists usually come and go early on Fridays.

- Keep in mind that no food or beverage outlets exist at the palace. Bring water, sanitiser, and tissues.

- The palace deserves a 5-star ranking, but we gave it four because it needs more care from the Ministry of Antiquities. The palace needs more cleaning and better lighting. However, it's still a must-visit place!

The Prince Mohamed Ali Palace is a historical wonder of modern times. The palace was built over 40 years ago by Prince Mohamed Ali Tewfik, who admired the beauty behind arts, science, and literature. The palace was designed in Rococo and Art Nouveau styles merged with enchanting traditional Islamic architecture. You'll be able to see the residence palaces, the clock tower, the Sabil, the mosque, the hunting museum, the private museum, the royal throne hall, the heavenly golden hall, and the beautiful gardens surrounding the palace. This place is a must-see when you're in Cairo! [5][6]



Palace Offers Unique Peek into Royal Life of 19th and Early 20th Centuries

Are you planning a trip to Cairo and looking for an attraction that offers a unique peek into the royal life of the 19th and early 20th centuries? Look no further than the Prince Mohamed Ali Palace, also known as the Al Manial Palace. Located on the island of Al Manial, the palace was constructed in the early 20th century as a home for Prince Mohamed Ali, a member of the Egyptian royal family at the time, and is now a public museum.

While the palace may not be as opulent as some other royal palaces in Cairo, its history and artefacts make it a must-visit attraction for anyone interested in the country's rich heritage. Designed with Islamic architecture, you can see intricate sculptures, mosaics and paintings representing scenes from everyday life and the natural environment throughout the palace's interior.

Besides its magnificent interior, the palace also boasts magnificent gardens and outside areas, making for optimal settings for relaxed strolls and picnics. With a wide range of plants, flowers, and trees, as well as beautiful fountains and lakes, you can easily escape the chaos of Cairo and immerse yourself in a peaceful and serene atmosphere.

Egypt's Antiquities Council has preserved and designated the Manial Palace and the estate on which it was built as a historic house museum. The palace's expansive collection includes King Farouk's extensive art collection, clothing, silverware, and Objets D’Art collections.

While the palace offers a unique peek into the royal life of the past, it also provides visitors with a delightful break from the hectic pace of modern-day Cairo. With endless travel possibilities, the Prince Mohamed Ali Palace can be added to any existing itinerary upon request.

To truly experience the beauty of Cairo, consider booking a customized tour with Egypt Tours Plus. Our private guided tours to Egypt include visiting the Mohamed Ali Palace and other must-visit destinations such as the Giza Pyramids, the Egyptian Museum, and Karnak Temple. Whether you're interested in history or culture, our tours are tailored to your needs and interests.

Plan your trip to Egypt today and discover the incredible sights and sounds of Cairo firsthand. With so many treasures waiting to be discovered, the Prince Mohamed Ali Palace is just the beginning of an unforgettable adventure. Book now with Your today and experience the Heart of Cairo like never before. [7][8]



Tranquil Gardens and Fascinating Antiques Found in the Palace

Are you planning to visit Cairo soon? Don't miss a trip to the stunning Prince Mohamed Ali Palace in the Manial district of southern Egypt. Built between 1899 and 1929 by Prince Mohamed Ali Tewfik, this palace is a prime example of traditional Islamic architecture and luxury. It consists of five distinctively styled buildings, including reception palaces, residence palaces, and throne palaces, surrounded by tranquil Persian gardens.

Upon arrival, you'll notice an inscription at the entrance: "This palace was built to revive and pay homage to Islamic arts." The entire compound spans over 61,000 square meters and boasts exquisite architectural design with Rococo and Art Nouveau elements merged with traditional Islamic styles such as Ottoman, Syrian, Moroccan, and more.

Step into the Reception Palace, where you'll see lavishly decorated halls with chandeliers, tiles, and carved ceilings. This palace was designed to welcome prestigious guests such as the famous French composer Camille Saint-Saëns, who composed some of his music, including Piano Concerto no. 5 titled "The Egyptian" at the Palace. Marvel at the rare antiques that adorn the palace, including carpets, furniture, and decorative arts.

If you're a fan of art and history, then the private museum in the palace is a must-visit. The museum displays an impressive collection of medieval manuscripts, objects d'art, art, silver, and furniture. You can witness some of the most extravagant artefacts and magnificent monuments ever created, collected by the royal family.

The residence palace is another area of the palace that you cannot miss. It was established in 1903 and designed for the prince's living quarters. The palace has two floors that contain the Haramlik, fountain foyer, seashell salon room, dining room, Prince's office, and the golden throne room. The rich materials used in this palace are striking, and the combination of the interior design with the enchanting traditional Islamic architecture is truly awe-inspiring.

Finally, don't forget to visit the Persian gardens surrounding the palace. These tranquil gardens are perfect for relaxation and to enjoy nature. They are meticulously maintained, and the atmosphere is peaceful and serene.

Overall, a trip to the Prince Mohamed Ali Palace is an experience of a lifetime. From charming art and rich history to stunning architecture and tranquil gardens, the palace is a testament to the grandeur and luxury of the Egyptian royal family. Make sure to add it to your travel itinerary while visiting Cairo. [9][10]