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Fridge Magnet Printing Singapore

Aug 28

Fridge Magnets as great marketing tools 

Three key factors influence the success and reliability of promotional marketing campaigns. Custom fridge magnets are more reliable and efficient than custom-made ones.

Still unsure? These fridge magnetics can help increase brand awareness.


Long-lasting marketing

Promo items are usually short-lived. Many promo items can only last one time.Fridge magnet printing can be used for years.

It is amazing that one magnet can attract hundreds, if not hundreds of views. You can get hundreds to hundreds of views with one magnet.


Valuable additions

Your target audience can use custom magnet printing in many ways. They can be useful additions to any household.

Branded magnets with your company logo or name. The brand will quickly become a household name and be loved by all.

You can enhance these items by adding important information. Your magnets will still be useful to your customers, no matter what design.

Unlimited Customization

There are many kinds of magnets. It is possible to find the right product for you marketing needs using traditional magnets like Aquaholic's Acrylic Fridge Magnets, or more unusual products such as Custom Fridge Magnets.

Branded magnets can be customized with your logo. Both classic and bright colours are options.


Marketing made accessible

We have to admit that not all businesses are able to afford large-scale marketing campaigns. Bulk buying can help you save even more.


Distribution is simple

Custom magnets are lightweight and easy to carry around. Customers can keep them in their shop to use as point-of-sale displays.

Custom magnets for your business

Promotional items like custom fridge magnet printing are a great way to increase your reach and attract new customers. These promotional items are very useful n inexpensive way to promote your business.