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Dropped Kerb Contractors Kenilworth

Dec 19

Do you need a dropped kerb for your property? You must get a kerb drop if you intend to drive onto your property via the pavement. To gain access to the public highway, a vehicle must be capable of crossing a driveway from a commercial or residential area.

Kerb dropping allows vehicles cross the asphalt between a driveway and the road. It is a legal requirement that anyone who desires to drive onto your property must do so.

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Kerb Dropping and Vehicle Crossover Specialists

Parking outside your house can cause stress. You might also have to pay a permit fee. It can be difficult to find parking spots in urban areas. If you intend to drive on pavement, a dropped curb is necessary. If you have questions check out our website Q and A's.

Access to the public highway must only be possible via a residential driveway or commercial driveway. It allows vehicles from a driveway to cross pavements. To drive on your property, you must have one.

Local Kerb Dropping Contractors

A kerb-drop can be a significant improvement in accessing your property. Additionally, it will help prevent cars from parking on your driveway. According to the law regarding driveway access, a vehicle must be able to cross the footway to get to your driveway from a highway.

Driving on the footway is against the law if you do not. You could be charged with violating the law if you do.

It may be necessary that the pavement in front is strengthened. Sometimes, it is necessary to move manhole covers or lampposts.

Kenilworth Vehicle Crossover Experts

You should contact your local council to determine if permission is needed. Get in touch with your local government to determine if you need planning permission. The cost of applying will depend on where you live.

Once permission has been granted, you will need to find a local specialist who can do the work.

It is not something you can do yourself. There are specific requirements that the council places on service providers. Some may restrict you to only using approved contractors. Some allow you to use your own contractors, provided they comply with the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 requirements. Highway assessments by the council might incur an additional fee.

You can make your life easier by hiring a drop kerb contractor registered with the local authority. They will file all applications on your behalf and get them approved usually quickly, as they have a good track record with their council.

Our drop-kerb installation and application for planning permission is a long-standing business. We will visit your property and take measurements. Other considerations that might be needed for planning permission. We have plenty of experience in this location and other towns as well

We are an approved local authority contractor and can work with your county to install a drop kerb in compliance with all regulations.

Call us for a free quote. Contact details are on our website.